CHEN Yunfan 陈云帆

Personal Information


李白 《行路难》

Software Engineer

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Time Title Department Remarks
2017 Sep -- Present Software Engineer Chrome OS ARC++ & Android Frameworks, Google Work in Beijing, Mountain View and Tokyo offices.


Time Programme School/University Region Remarks
2014.Aug -- 2017.Nov Research Postgraduate, Computer Science and Engineering Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong
2013.Feb -- 2013.June Computer Science National Chiao Tung University Taiwan Exchange Student Programme
2010.Sep -- 2014.Jul B.S.,Machine Intelligence, Double Majored in Psychology Peking University Beijing
2004.Sep -- 2010.June Junior & Senior High School Beijing National Day School Beijing


Time Title Department Remarks
Feb. - Aug. 2016 Research Intern Social Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia Colla Project Team

I was born in Beijing. As most Chinese families, I am the only child of my parents.

I started learning programming in October, 2008. I spent 8 months on learning C and almost 4 months learning data structure. After study algorithms for 21 days( Almost self-study), I won first prize in National Olympiad in Informatics for Province. Based on the facts mentioned above, I was recommended for admission to be an undergraduate student in Peking University. I received my Bacholar Degree major in Machine Intelligence, double major in Psychology there.

After accomplished my undergraduate study, I went to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to pursue a postgraduate study major in Computer Science. I received my master degree on Nov. 2017. I joined Google as a Software Engineer since Sep. 2017.

I started learning music instruments when I was 3 years old and keep on learning music till now. I can play clarinet, China cymbal and Electronic Organ. After attended University, I spent lots of time on self learning music theory and arrangement theory. I re-arrange chorus music for our school chorus for more than 2 years.

Awards and Skills


陶渊明 《杂诗》第五

Selected Awards

Time Title Organization Remarks
2016 Award of Most Innovative Microsoft 2016 Hackathon, Project Owner, Mr. What
2016 Award of Most Influential Microsoft 2016 Hackathon, Marketing Game Creator, Emotion for Sign Language
2016 Best Demo Award Microsoft Research Asia Student TechFest 2016
2014 Outstanding Graduates of Beijing Beijing Municipal Commission of Education
2013 Pacemaker to Merit Student Peking University
2012 Wilmar Scholarship Peking University Highest scholarship among class members.
2012 Xinke Star of EECS school School of EECS, PKU 6 honers among 3,000 undergraduate and postgraduate student.
2011 National Scholarship Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
2011 Merit Student Peking University
2009 First Prize, National Olympiad in Informatics for Province China Computer Federation Rank 3rd in Beijing


Major Programming Languages:
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • First Aid(With Certification)
  • Clarinet(Expert)
  • Electronic Organ(Basic Skill)
  • China Chamber(Skilled)
  • Singing as Tenor(Expert)

Experiences and Works

And I know not if, save in this, such gift be allowed to man,
That out of three sounds he frame, not a fourth sound, but a star.

Robert Browning Abt Vogler

Volunteer Experiences

Time Title Organizer Remarks
2011-2014 Music Director & re-arranger of EECS chorus School of EECS, Peking University
2011-2014 Administrator of Forum Peking University I arranged online enrolment consulting summer, 2012.
2008 City Volunteer of 2008 Olympic Games Beijing Offer translation service.

Personal Projects

Cantonese Dictionary

Individual Project.
Techniques: C#, UWP.

Ingress Intel Map Provider

To provide Ingress Intel map link on geo info pages on WikiPedia and more. Individual Project.
Techniques: Userscript.

Google Plus Archive

To help user generate a display html for Google+ archived data. Developed before G+ taken down.
Techniques: python.

Colla: a Digital Collaborator Seeker

During Micrsoft Research Asia Internship

All Access for Taiwan

Course Project by Group of 4.
My work: All back-end component of this system.
Techniques: PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Database.

Gomoku Platform

Individual Course Project.
Competition between two computer is supported. Chinese Graphic User Interface is utilized.
Language: ARM 16-bit Assembly Language.
Chips: Intel 8255A, 8155, 8253, 8251A.

Real-Time Pencil Rendering

Course Project by group of 3.
We utilize real-time pencil rendering algorithm.
My work: Code related to OpenGL.
Techniques: OpenGL, OpenGL shading Language.

Blokus Game AI

Individual Course Project.
My programme ran top 20% among all schoolmates'.
Techniques: C++, Game Tree Search, Alpha-Beta Pruning.

Music Experiences

Time Title Role
2019-Present Tokyo Embassy Choir Tenor II
Feb. 2015-2019 Wuxing Chorus, Peking University Bariton
Aug. 2014-2017 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union Chorus Tenor Part Leader
Sep. 2013-2015 Qianhe Chorus, Peking University Music Director
Feb-June 2013 National Chiao Tung University Chorus Tenor
2011-2012 Wuxing Chorus, Peking University Tenor
2004-2007 High School Chorus Tenor
2000-2004 Primary School Concert Band Chief clarinet
2000-2004 Primary School Chorus Tenor